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Date: January 26, 2015 SUBSCRIBE
press release

Top Eleven 2015 – out now!

Where to start? We don’t even know! Complete graphics overhaul, in-game achievements, transfer negotiations, gameplay changes are just tip of the iceberg when talking about Top Eleven 2015. We also implemented new animations, 3D environments, user interface and fresh graphics. There’s a completely new match sound that sets the atmosphere. In-game help is redesigned, trophy room is much better looking and menu layout is way clearer. There’s a faster team training and player selection. Isn’t that enough? Oh yeah, let’s not forget a huge, huge list of improvements and gameplay changes that you, our players, asked for!

Besides all of that, we wanted to give tablet owners a whole new experience and that’s why we made use of better graphics and 3D animations. To celebrate, we even redesigned our Top Eleven website. Go check it out, but first – download the game!

But, that’s not all. Let’s round up important stuff at one place:

– Our full press release
– Press pack with screenshots
– Redesigned Top Eleven website.
– Don’t forget our Facebook page
– … and our Twitter (we are using #TopEleven2015 tag, you should too!)
– … and our YouTube channel.

Oh don’t leave just yet! We have a couple of more surprises for you guys … awesome video, trailer and TV ad that we made. Check them out on our YT channel or below.