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Date: September 30, 2014 SUBSCRIBE
press release

Sportster – Bet and Win now in Open Beta

An extremely social game offering a variety of different modes for sports betting, Sportster— Bet and Win is now in open beta. It enables users to place virtual currency bets on live football (soccer) matches being played in the English Premier League, the Bundesliga in Germany, Spain’s Primera División and other professional football leagues, as well as on virtual matches where the outcomes are determined using real-world stats and the game’s proprietary odds prediction engine.

Initially available on Facebook, Sportster—Bet and Win tests football fans’ intuition and sports knowledge while pitting them against friends for a uniquely social sports betting experience. An introductory tutorial is available to help familiarize players with the different modes of betting and arm them with the right strategies for success, even if they’ve never bet on a sporting event before.

Gameplay features include:

● Real and Virtual Match Betting: Players can bet on the final score, halftime score or the over/under for total number of goals in any real-world or virtual match; or place 3-way bets, handicap bets and double chance bets.
● Bet Races: Players can compete in groups of five in a real-time, multi-round bet race for the highest score by placing bets on virtual matches.
● Interactive Quests: As players level up, they will unlock interactive quests that add a new layer of challenge and fun to the experience, with each quest getting more sophisticated as the player progresses.

Sportster—Bet and Win is currently in open beta on Facebook at The game is available in 15 different languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish and others.

Game updates can be found by following @PlaySportster on Twitter or by liking the Sportster—Bet and Win Fan Page on Facebook at