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Nordeus Topples EA from the Top of the Facebook Sports League

Top Eleven defeats the world’s biggest sports game company and owner of the official FIFA football rights to become Facebook’s most played sports title

Belgrade, Serbia. August 08, 2011 – Nordeus, developers of popular Facebook football game Top Eleven, has well and truly knocked gaming giant EA off the top of the league, with the number of monthly active users for Top Eleven surpassing those of the existing champions EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars for the first time last month. Top Eleven is now the most played sports game on Facebook, with over 3.7 million monthly active users and over 750,000 people logging on daily to pit their football managerial skills against that of their friends.The social game is adding new Facebook fans at a rate of 85,000 every week, over ten times that of EA (7,143 a week) with enough new supporters to fill Wembley Stadium to capacity.

Top Eleven lets its users select, train and build their squad of players to compete against fellow Facebook friends over the course of a 28-day season. Those at the top of the league can relish in the glory of promotion to the next level, from Newbie to Rookie manager, all the way up to a Pro, with the rewards of more money, better players and the lure of the Champions Cup. Managers also look after every detail of running the club such as finances, picking the best sponsorship deals and building new stadium facilities.Tomislav Mihajlovi?, Nordeus COO, said: “We’re stunned to see our company overtake one of the world’s biggest third-party games developers to create Facebook’s most played sports game. Top Eleven has been live for just a year, but already we’ve passed this significant milestone and added millions of players. The final whistle’s not been blown yet, so we’ll continue to innovate and add to what we, and our users, think is already a great game.”At this pivotal point of the season, the league table of Facebook sports apps shows that Top Eleven is beginning to form a comfortable cushion on the trailing pack of football games.

Team Manager Played GD Wins Points
App Name Developer Days online Weekly Growth DAU MAU
Top Eleven Nordeus 394 +85,608 780,696 3,716,021
2 EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars Electronic Arts 393 -36,328 477,575 2,751,737
3 Bola Playdom 579 +12,388 212,280 2,061,485
4 Football Life 109studio 189 +11,963 36,255 368,619
5 Premier Football PageFad 1224 -12,717 38,912 263,090
6 Premier League Fantasy Football Yahoo! 1023 -5,703 2,899 91,815
7 Football Shirt Maker footballshirtmaker 99 -10,312 3,388 89,007
8 Soccerfame Arena Soccerfame Arena 383 +30,009 9,099 83,343
9 Soccer Stars Football Core 10 Gaming 868 -739 3,216 43,207
10 Football Nation Playlore 78 -4,418 744 36,286

Source: Figures correct as of 8 August 2011. MAU = Monthly Active Users, DAU = Daily Active Users

Top Eleven monetizes its 3.7 million users through in-app purchases and advertising. Users can purchase tokens to use for in-game activities such as bidding for new signings, or get free tokens by clicking through adverts paid for by brands such as Groupon. Nordeus also provides other advertising opportunities, allowing brands to sponsor in-game activities and space, and has recently signed with Appatyze to maximise the returns on advertising on banner advertising around its games.Founded in June 2009, Nordeus have been on a strong run of form since launching the game in May 2010. The team is fast expanding its Facebook empire with 30 staff in offices across Belgrade, Dublin and Tel Aviv.