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Date: May 31, 2011 SUBSCRIBE
press release

Nordeus Open Day

As you’ve probably seen on Twitter, on May 30th we had Nordeus Open Day event, when students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Faculty of Mathematics visited our office in Belgrade in order to get more acquainted with our company, the industry we’re in, the products we make and of course with the team of talented software engineers behind all this. We were expecting 30 students, but little did we know that we’ll be hosting 50+ young and full of energy students, eager to learn more about Nordeus, social gaming and not last about what is it like to work in a software company located in Serbia. The students attended presentations held by our executives, they had time to chat with each of the developers from Nordeus, they visited each office, had snacks and little presents from our company – all in all, we’re thrilled we had this experience which introduced us to a younger generation and their way of thinking about social gaming. We’d like to thank everyone who came, we hope you had a great time!