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Date: April 15, 2019 Tags: Life at Nordeus, New Building, nordeus, Office SUBSCRIBE
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Nordeus New Studio Makes Investing in People its Foundation

More Than 170 People From 22 Countries Start Their Day in a New, Innovative Office Space, Designed Specifically for Creative Freedom, Productivity and Collaboration

BELGRADE, Serbia – April 15, 2019 – Today, Nordeus opened its new studio for the 170-strong team. Inspired by the company’s values, passion for gaming, and collaboration, the space creates an inspirational and practical environment for teams to succeed, and represents the biggest investment in its people to date.

Located on the corner of Bulevar Milutin Milanković Boulevard and Boulevard of Art, in New Belgrade, the unique office space can accommodate up to 250 employees – in line with the company’s growth strategy – spanning over 6,000 square meters across seven floors, with three additional underground levels reserved for parking. The building is made up of large glass windows surrounding the space, naturally connects to the green courtyard that can be enjoyed from each of the long terraces that are designed for themselves to become “green” in time.

To accommodate the teams and drive an inclusive space, the new building has 52 offices, 18 meeting rooms, and an auditorium for over 200 people, with additional areas dedicated to collaborative and creative work, such as brainstorming spaces on each floor, break-out rooms, audio and video production studios, a library, and study rooms. In addition to this, a large restaurant, sports bar, gaming room, and a wellness area with showers, provide the additional facilities enabling staff to create a healthy balance between a productive and fun working environment. Moreover, as a company that is proud of celebrating diversity and a large number of young parents, there is a separate soft play area for children, and the building is fully wheelchair friendly.

“We have always believed that our culture and our people are a major advantage in a very competitive gaming industry,” said Ivana Paunović, Workplace Experience Manager, Nordeus. “One of the key strategies for Nordeus has always been to invest in our people. By creating this space, we have designed an inspirational environment that gives them the opportunity to develop, be successful, and create games that can compete globally.”

To create a more efficient and energy-saving building, some of the latest technologies have been built in, including smart lighting and air conditioning in all office spaces that adjust the lighting and temperature for when individuals require. Freshly installed solar panels on the roof deliver energy saving measures for the building, and following on from existing efforts, recycling points have been provided on each floor as a significant part of Green Initiative within the company.