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Date: May 24, 2017 SUBSCRIBE
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Nordeus Hosts Digital Arts Expo at this year’s Mikser Festival

The ninth Mikser Festival, the biggest regional festival of creativity, will be held from May 25 until May 28 at Žitomlin silos at in Dorćol. The festival will gather some of the region’s brightest talent from architecture, urban development, art and music. It will also host some of the most creative companies from gaming, VFX and IT education sector in the silo named Digital Arts Expo.

“Such concentration of creativity and audience that is in need of the new experiences, in one place, is something that we don’t see that often and is something that characterizes Mikser Festival. That great mix makes a fertile ground for exchange of knowledge and ideas – strengthening of the digital creative community. Connecting the creative studios and audience in such a unique environment we are stimulating the creation of new projects and making existing ones even stronger with opening up opportunities for employment in some of the studios”, said Daryl Clewlow, Head of Art at Nordeus.

Besides Nordeus, the initiator and sponsor of the Digital Arts Expo, the following companies will be present at the expo: 3LateralBunker VFX, Cofa GamesCrater StudioFriedMad Head GamesTake OneNova IskraQube 3D, and Startit.

At the Digital Arts Expo silo, visitors will be able to see some projects of these companies and meet developers and artists who worked on hits like Witcher 3, Plants vs. Zombies, The Other Guys, Awakening of Heroes, Grand Theft Auto V, Top Eleven, and many others.

The schedule of all lectures, panels, and workshops with a detailed review of the topics and lecturers can be found here.

If you want to apply for workshops, lectures, and meetings with HR representatives, please register. The number of places for certain workshops is limited.