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Nordeus Hackathon 2011

As you all know on 23rd December Serbia had its first hackathon which was organized by Nordeus folks i.e. us 🙂 . To say those 24 hours while hackathon was going on were beyond exciting and fun is a big understatement – we had a blast and so did the 43 smart and passionate young people who got the chance to be a part of this event.

Speaking of numbers, here are a few of them: 11 teams and 11 separate offices for each team, 43 students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Mathematics from entire Serbia, 24 hours of coding with eating/sleeping breaks (just for the record, nobody slept even though we had a fully prepared sleeping room for them), average age of all the participants was 22 years old, 3 check-points when Nordeus employees could get a glimpse at what the teams were up to and offer some help where needed, quantity of energy drinks they drank – unknown 🙂 .

The teams gathered to compete in creating a game in 24 hours and the concept for the game was the one of the well-known Tower Defense (which they found out right before hackathon started). But enough talking, here are the pictures which will hopefully show off the atmosphere, excitement and not least the sense of competitiveness that dominated during those unforgettable 24 hours.