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Date: May 22, 2018 Tags: International Cup, Top Eleven SUBSCRIBE
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Lead Your Nation to Glory in Top Eleven and Lift the Greatest Prize in World Football

Experience the excitement on your journey to international bragging rights

BELGRADE, Serbia – May 22, 2018 – Today, Nordeus released a big International Cup update for Top Eleven to help get managers in the mood for this summer and the most important football event in the world.

Whether your country has qualified or not in real life, embrace your national pride and take your compatriots to the top of the world and lift the greatest prize in football. Over 200 countries are included, so build your national team, train the team, scout new players, and play other managers from around the world on your road to earning international bragging rights.

This Spring and Summer take charge of your second team in Top Eleven as you lead your international squad through the Preparation Phase and International Cup on three separate occasions.

Improve the national team in the Preparation Phase by:

  • Challenging in a tour format, face off against eight different nationalities to get a chance to win one player after each victory.
  • Choose one out of three players to join your national team.
  • Replay previous countries multiple times and get one new free player after each victory.
  • Recruit Scouted Players from your national team screen for that additional boost. 

Then take your national team to glory! Compete for a chance to get few of your players from your national team to your main Top Eleven club, exclusive emblems, jerseys, in-game resources and an exclusive trophy:

  • Four national teams in the group phase, followed by knockout rounds.
  • Win as many as possible to unlock scaling rewards along the way, including a Legendary player for lifting the trophy on all three occasions.

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