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Date: December 16, 2014 SUBSCRIBE
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Hackathon 2014 winners – Prime Time

11 teams from Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia competed to make the best game based on the theme of “Stealth – a game about hiding and deception” (which was revealed on the day of the competition) in exactly one day. This marked Nordeus Hackathon 4 as a first truly international Hackathon that puts it on a map as one of the most important Hackathons in Eastern Europe. Each team was equipped with industry-standard tools and conditions, as well as a limitless supply of food, drinks and snacks.

The atmosphere was pleasant, as Nordeus employees set aside time to accompany and assist the teams, making sure they had everything they needed to focus completely on game-making. After the teams had created their submissions, they presented them to the audience both at the office and on the official Hackathon livestream. Then, the official judges of the event set aside three hours to determine the winners of this year’s event, while fans on Facebook could vote for their favorite game as well.

The People’s Choice award went to team Edge from Macedonia for their game “Hot Escape”, an interesting top down game with an original idea. Team Edge also took home the Gameplay award, and won four Razor Headphones besides Sony PS Vita. The Multimedia presentation prize went to the Fus Ro Da from Serbia and their game Drekavac, which earned each member a pair of SteelSeries Apex keyboard. Technical complexity award went to Ocean’s Four from Croatia for their game Dron and they got four Logitech G502 mice. 3rd place overall and four new Nintendo 3DS XL consoles went to S-team8 from Serbia for their game “Cheesenogood”. Beer Pong from Bulgaria won 2nd place and four Apple iPad Mini 3 with their ambitious Wanted game. And, finally, 1st place with four PlayStation 4 + The Last of Us bundles went to the team Prime Time from Bosnia and Herzegovina for their game “In Vino Veritas” in which you play as a vampire with a wine drinking problem.

“We’re proud to have had another successful year for our traditional Nordeus Hackathon,” said Milan Đukić, PR Manager at Nordeus. “With each iteration, the Nordeus Hackathon brand becomes bigger, better and stronger. This Hackathon marks the first truly international game jam since we had teams from all over the region. We’ve had more people than ever follow the event online and this has by far been the highest quality Hackathon we’ve organized yet. We intend to move forward and improve this event even further for next year, when we will have a little anniversary – five years of Hackathon!”.

Fans will be able to view a photo gallery of the event, a recording of the livestream and even download the actual games soon on the official website of the Nordeus Hackathon: