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Date: July 28, 2011 SUBSCRIBE
press release

Our ever growing team

We all know that summer isn’t the most productive season in the year. Our minds are somewhere at the beach, the weather is too hot for smart work related stuff and all in all we’re simply exhausted, anxiously waiting for a well deserved summer break. I’m here to tell you that Nordeus might be the first company (in Europe at least) that’s been working full speed even when the weather outside hits an unbearable 40°C. But, we make games and we love what we do.

A great month is behind us in which we broke new records in terms of various user and industry metrics. One more very significant record is set – number of new teammates we’ve got! We are now stronger for 2 more iOS developers, 2 more test engineers, a Linux guru, an HR assistant and a marketing manager. Not typical for July in Europe when everyone is on vacation 😉 .

Anyway, wait and see what we’ll do in September – we have many more exciting things coming on and we’ll be sure to share everything here on the blog. For now, here’s a recent picture of (a part of) our team:

*the picture belongs to Nordeus and cannot be used without our written permission.