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Date: November 07, 2017 SUBSCRIBE
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Branko Milutinović to Share His Insights at Web Summit

UPDATE: Full videos of both talks are now available.

Nordeus CEO Branko Milutinović will take part in two panel sessions at this year’s WebSummit in Lisbon.

Both talks take place on November 8. At 12:25, Branko will join Jon Goldman of Skybound Entertainment and Amir-Esmaeil Bozorgzadeh of VentureBeat to discuss the future of mobile gaming. The 30 minutes-long talk, titled “After the golden rush: Has mobile gaming peaked?”, will take place at the PlayerOne stage.

About an hour later, Branko will take the stage at Future Societies together with Rob Lowe of LEGO, ES Magazine’s Alice Azania Jarvis and olympic champion Allyson Wagner to discuss “Have we lost our sense of fun and play?”. They will share their insights on how playing has evolved over the years and where it might be going.

Branko Milutinović is a co-founding CEO of Nordeus. Under his leadership, Nordeus has grown into a company of more than 170 experts from 20 countries. His leadership philosophy is to empower Nordeus people to become the best version of themselves and make a difference. He strongly believes that if you have a powerful purpose that goes beyond profit, nothing is impossible.