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Date: December 14, 2015 SUBSCRIBE
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Binx from Croatia is the winner of fifth Nordeus Hackathon

Nordeus Hackathon, one of the most challenging game development competitions, this year gathered talents from all over Europe. In the Nordeus headquarters in Belgrade, ten chosen teams had only 24 hours to  contest each other and create winning games.

The theme of the competition was “Squad-based Puzzle Platformer”, and the most successful team was Binx from Croatia. Mechabit team from UK won the second place and also the award in the technical complexity category. Tank\’d team from Romania came third.

“This year’s Nordeus Hackathon was something else – a competition at a whole new level. The night before the Hackathon we were so excited we couldn’t sleep, and then during the competition we stayed awake for another 24 hours. We had trouble focusing and the pressure was rising. If it weren’t for the great team and people supporting each other we probably couldn’t do half of the work. Every time when we ran into a problem that just meant that we needed to push even harder and continue!” said Denis Mraović, a member of the winning Binx team from Croatia.

The fans, who voted for their favourite teams on the competition’s official Facebook page, chose Misfit Village from Croatia for the winner of the People’s Choice Award. Another team from Croatia – Pine Studio – shone in the Gameplay category, while Nereus team from Greece won the award in the Multimedia Presentation category. All contestants got valuable prizes, but the biggest value of Nordeus Hackathon was the positive approach to promoting the most gifted professionals in the industry.

“Over the last five years Nordeus Hackathon has grown into a fully international competition that attracts some of the best teams in Europe to create amazing games and shows what is possible to accomplish in just 24 hours”, said Branko Milutinovic, CEO of Nordeus. “I can certainly say that this time teams have exceeded all of our expectations.”

In order to show their support for the teams and promote team spirit, the developers from Nordeus, divided into five teams, also created games under the same rules as the contestants, but with a different theme. While judges from Nordeus decided behind closed doors who are the winners of this year’s Hackathon, participants had a chance to vote for the games that were created in the meantime by the Nordeus employees.

Photos from the fifth Nordeus Hackathon, video from livestream and games are availible on the official website of Nordeus Hackathon: