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Date: November 14, 2016 SUBSCRIBE
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Applications for the sixth Nordeus Hackathon are open

Nordeus Hackathon, which will be held for the sixth consecutive year, will take place on 10 and 11 December, at Startit Centre. The focus of this year’s competition is to strengthen the local talent and development of the regional gaming industry, which is why it is primarily intended for participants from the country and the region. Applications are open until November 28. With the organizer’s desire to enable young developers and digital artists to express their talent, teamwork ability and, most importantly, their passion for video game development, the main goal of this year’s competition is to contribute to the development of the regional IT scene. Accordingly, the central gathering place for the local IT community has been selected to host the sixth edition of Nordeus Hackathon.

“Through everything we do, we try to support the development of young talents from our country,  and Nordeus Hackathon is no exception. So far, this has been a global competition with participants from all over the world, and  by focusing on the region, this year, we want to ensure that what we know and what we can do helps boost the local gaming industry and nurture local talent. Our people have great motivation to transfer their experience through mentoring and through their work, and, guided by previous experience, we believe that we will bring together great teams that will show us their ideas and competitive spirit,” said Branko Milutinović, CEO and co-founder of Nordeus.

During the 24 hours, teams of participants will try their luck at creating video games, guided by the Hackathon theme that will traditionally be published at the very beginning of the competition, prepared by a professional jury comprised of the key people in the company. Each team will have its personal mentor from Nordeus, who will help the participants in terms of technical questions and game development. Veterans of the industry will mentor young talents, and feedback from the entire Nordeus team will  provide participants a  firm foundation for future game development efforts.

The jury will select the three best games, and each member of the winning teams will receive valuable prizes. In addition to the top three teams, the creators of the game that wins the most votes on social networks, will receive the People’s Award prize.

Presentation of games of all teams and the awards ceremony will then be open to the public, on Sunday, December 11, starting at 1 p.m. The visitors of this year’s Hackathon will be able to try out the games created in the past 24 hours, as well as some of the last year’s games.

As usual, live stream of the event will be available on the organizer’s Youtube channel and Facebook page.

Applications are open until November 28 for teams of up to four members or individuals who will subsequently be grouped into teams. As in previous years, applications are possible only for those who have not yet participated in one of the Nordeus Hackathons. For selected teams coming out of Belgrade, Nordeus will cover the costs of travel and accommodation near the Startit Centre.

Apply by using the form below:

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