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Date: December 04, 2018 Tags: CSR, Google Launchpad, Nordeus Hub, StartIt SUBSCRIBE
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Nordeus Hub, A Knowledge Sharing Concept

Nordeus launches new space dedicated to the digital community with Google Launchpad

BELGRADE, Serbia – December 04, 2018 – With an aim to help support the digital community growing and developing skills, Nordeus has launched the Nordeus Hub within its offices in New Belgrade.

The 165 square metre space consists of two separate areas for people to learn. A fully equipped classroom, with computers that can be adapted for the needs of workshops, courses and other educational activities, as well as meet up zone for a more open space perfect for lectures and gatherings.

Miloš Paunović, CSR Specialist at Nordeus, explains why they decided to create a space for the community: “As part of our efforts to help Serbia thrive as a leader of the 21st century digital economy, we’re delighted to have launched the Nordeus Hub. This space will help us build an ecosystem that can look to drive growth in the digital product and service industries. We’re looking to offer the space to local organisations who may have limited resources, but share our mission, and enable them to increase their impact.

The Nordeus Hub launched earlier this month with an inaugural event alongside the Belgrade edition of Google Launchpad, a five-day mentoring program for startups organized by Google and Startit.

We are delighted that we had the opportunity to work with the best startups from Serbia through our Launchpad program,” said Kevin O’Toole, Head of International Growth and Expression within the Google Launchpad project. “We are grateful to Nordeus for providing us with the Hub space to bring together the best entrepreneurs from Serbia in one place, taking into account the many talented developers and entrepreneurs in Serbia, as well as strong technical faculties and growing network of investor angels and VC, we firmly believe that the Serbian ecosystem will continue to develop and strengthen.

The goal of the event was to teach home-based startups how to make a better products, with easier access to customers, speeding up growth and expanding the network of international contacts. During the five days of training, in the form of lectures and workshops, ten selected startups worked intensively on improving their products, through collaborating and working with their mentors. After the event, participants highlighted the importance of workshops, with a particular focus on developing business models and marketing strategies.

Vukašin Stojkov, co-founder of StartIt, and program director at the Startup Academy, added “The realization of such a special event, for a startup community in Serbia, would not be possible without the proper space. We were fortunate that the Nordeus Hub was ready for this event. Although it was the first event held in the space, the impressions of all the participants were very positive, and since the area is well equipped, we were able to find everything we needed for the organization. Nordeus, as extraordinary hosts, have made us feel welcome at all times and focused on the goal of training, which all enables us to work on improving the Serbian start-up scene.”

In order to help increase the impact of organizations working in the IT community, the Nordeus Hub is available for NGOs, IT communities and individuals who wish to share their knowledge. Anyone interested, or with ideas for a knowledge sharing event to reach out. For all information and details, contact us here.