Milos Paunovic CSR Manager
Date: March 27, 2020 Tags: Giving Back, Nordeus at Home, Nordeus Hub SUBSCRIBE


As was announced earlier this week, we have supported our long term partner, UNICEF Serbia, in part funding their efforts to purchase much needed respirators for the healthcare system and the fight against COVID-19. But it hasn’t stopped there. We are looking at what we can do to help both locally and internationally as we all look to conquer this together. So we have been racking our brains and talking to see where we can support others.

Our people are always looking to see how they can help others – it’s part of our culture. We just want to give back and encourage others, who are able to do so, to help in whatever way they can. We have had a great reaction from the community so far, with over 20 other companies across the country having reached out to either us, UNICEF Serbia, or Fund B92, to see how they can help. We are all in this together, so we are extremely grateful that our action has inspired others to help as well. But here is what else we are up to.


Over the last ten years, Top Eleven has amassed over 200 million registered users spanning across every country in the world, and has a burgeoning 14 million social media presence. So we are looking to use that reach, for good, by supporting the World Health Organization’s key messaging on basic protective measures. From social media posts driving awareness of these vital health practices, to a giveaway campaign that has had over 14,000 shares on Facebook, reaching over 500,000 people, Top Eleven and its community have worked together to push the WHO’s messaging around the globe. 

On top of the awareness push, Top Eleven will launch an exclusive jersey and emblem pack in-game, with all proceeds going towards the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.


As soon as this all started, a huge number of people were asking how they can help and were wanting to do so on a larger scale. So we started an initiative to enable people to donate. In the space of just a few days, we had managed to collect €79,746. The leadership team said they would match that figure, giving us a total of €156,492! We’re so proud of our team for being so generous, and all of this money raised is going to help our long term partners, UNICEF Serbia and Fund B92, finance their own efforts in purchasing the vital equipment needed for the country. 

What will the money raised cover? Well, we worked directly with the NGOs to understand what were the priorities, and that donation is covering the cost of 15 Ventilator Boaray 3000D respirators supplied by UNICEF Serbia, plus three Vista 120 Patient Monitors and 1,500 Standard Q COVID-19 IgM/IgG Duo Test kits by Fund B92 and the Serbian Philanthropic Forum.


After being asked for support, for urgently required computers and equipment to aid the work of medical staff in the fight against COVID-19, by the HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation. We have donated 10 new computers plus accessories, and 10 new printers to the Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases and Pulmonology Clinics of the Clinical Center of Serbia. We hope this will enable them to work quicker and more efficiently at delivering treatment. 


We opened Nordeus Hub last year to help support independent game teams and those trying to get into the industry. In the current circumstances, we have also shut the doors to the Hub for the safety of the community and their families. But our support continues. We have supplied all the participants of our flagship program, Booster, with any additional required hardware they need to operate and continue their game making journey at home. Virtual meet-ups and programs are progressing, with the first Team and Project Management webinar happening this week, and the Deconstruction Club continuing online on Tuesday, March 31st. All future events will be announced on the Nordeus Hub Facebook page, so check it out if you want to get involved. 


There are a number of small businesses who rely on the larger organizations to survive, and we work with multiple local suppliers who provide services such as food for the office, language classes, and physical activities. In this period, the team is looking into how we can support their businesses, from online Serbian classes to Power Stretching over Zoom calls, we’re finding ways to keep our cooperation going so when we’re back in the office we can continue as normal.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home.

* total money raised, RSD 18,391,200. Calculated into Euro with the National Bank of Serbia’s middle exchange rate, for March 24, of 117.5212.