Sara Milošević Social Media Specialist
Date: October 27, 2020 Tags: careers, live stream, nordeus, talent acquisition SUBSCRIBE
Instagram live stream


Nordeus doing live stream shows? Yes, it’s not clickbait. We did it! 

Since we did our very first Instagram live stream in October, we can say for certain that we would like to do it more often! Yeah, we loved it that much.
We will stretch ourselves even more by doing this monthly if current circumstances allow us, but with different departments and topics covered. It’s a great chance for everyone to get involved by asking us questions across social media before the live stream. Follow us and stay tuned: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Now, Jadranka made it look easy, but a lot of time and prep went into this project, and we wanted to share some of our learnings in this process. Of course, that wouldn’t be possible without great teamwork behind it:


Antonija: We often say that our people are our #1 game and we apply that mindset to our hiring process as well. Candidate experience is really important to us and making it better is a never-ending process, especially in WFH. This initiative is one of the many things we decided to implement in order to help our candidates get the information they need and focus their energy on doing their best on the interviews!


Jadranka: At first when we agreed we were going to do this, I have to admit I had no idea how to do an Instagram live, so I started researching in order to prepare, browsing through videos of some influencers and random Instagram gurus. It turned out there is this whole universe of tips and tricks, from a selfie shelf, a surface where you put your phone so you can have the light coming through the perfect angle, to face filters of a spider woman 🙂 

On the other hand, what really matters aren’t beautifying effects, but the preparation that comes from the conversation with your colleagues. Who is our audience? What are they interested in? How do we demystify common misconceptions in TA? How can we make their participation in the recruitment process easier?

When we announced this event, questions started pouring in, and we just needed to make sure we try to answer as many questions as we can in a way that is super clear, concise, and concrete, giving our audience content that they will find useful. That’s why for the sake of our preparation, we started talking with our friends and colleagues from different teams, asking them to ask us anything TA related and give us feedback if the content is actually helpful and understandable.


Sara: The support we received. No matter what you do for the first time – you don’t know what to expect. Well, I must admit I didn’t expect so many views, shares, and messages from our followers! And something that I’m most proud of – the support from the company during the live stream. Many of our colleagues watched the live stream and I was positively shocked! That says a lot about the togetherness of the team, and hopefully, it can motivate others to try something new. You will be surprised!


Jadranka: Like a bumper car ride in an amusement park 🙂 People really hit some relevant questions and it was so much fun answering them! What really makes the difference, between this format and regular Zoom webinar, is that feeling of real-time interaction, emoticons sent and reactions to the content. Friends and colleagues from our field told us they made Instagram accounts so they could be included in the discussion. It felt so engaging to make the audience guess about certain topics as I was pretty sure people had no idea that we receive between 500 and 700 applications per month, but also personal, because we were able to solve the dilemmas and queries coming from most of our viewers.

Jovana: I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this project even though I’m a new joiner. The most fascinating part about it is the huge love and support we had from our colleagues. All of us were super excited and looking forward to Live. I think this is the greatest value of Nordeus – we are always conquering the unknown together. Also, I loved all the comments and new questions we got from people that participated. To be specific I like how people recognized what Jadranka was talking about as concise, informative, relevant. That was exactly what we were aiming for – not just to give broad, unspecific answers that could be applied to any situation.


Jadranka: Our idea for this to be one out of many sessions where our followers would be able to ask #AllTheyNeedToKnow, which is, symbolically, the name of the series of Instagram lives we’ve just started. We would definitely like to see other companies doing the same- coming forward with their way of working, recruitment practices, and explaining TA behind the scenes.

Instagram live is becoming one of the easiest formats to raise awareness about the values your company is nourishing, and may I add with a super interactive and spontaneous interface to engage your audience.  As I mentioned during our live, in these unusual times when most of the recruitment processes have turned upside down, it’s a good opportunity to bring some additional clarity and transparency to that loop.

Join us!