Stefan Jovanović Dačić Game User Researcher
Date: December 21, 2020 Tags: careers, live stream, nordeus, user research SUBSCRIBE
Instagram live stream


In a manner of user researcher thinking, we wanted to share a couple of interesting insights from being a host in an Instagram session for the Nordeus Live Stream. But, through the prism of Nordeus values!


Jadranka from Talent Acquisition completely destroyed the stage back then, setting the bar pretty high for us. Marija Trkulja and I (Stefan) had a joke during preparation not to watch Jadranka again to keep our confidence high! The challenge was to meet that quality bar and bring some twist to it, and basically #makeithappen (again).

It’s not ‘one event’, it is a process with clear steps and stepping towards “live” felt better with every step. The whole journey was fun and once we were on the stage, it already felt like we made it happen! 


Marija only opened an Instagram profile around a month ago, having only one post, and I am a retired Instagram veteran, both of us with zero experience with Instagram live. Thankfully, none of that was important for delivering a good show. Why, basically, due to the amazing team support we got. 

The audience was a big unknown for us, so we were really curious about who will watch and what they will ask. We tried to ‘empathize as usual’ (if you watched us you know what I am talking about); and we tried to predict what kind of questions we will get, and what kind of things our audience would like to know about more. We were thinking both about the ‘zero experience’ candidates/students and about our experienced colleagues from all over the world. 

Also, holding your first live session from the home setting was a good way to test your resourcefulness, and in some cases – handiness. We would give you just two examples of it: I have done a tech-prep half an hour before the actual live – from my car (#vozimosesajd) and Marija’s Hollywood, ahem, home setup included two card boxes, two lamps, and one holder for the mobile phone – a fan.


While Marija and myself were in the ‘main roles’, we got huge support from TA & COMMS. Their suggestions, tips & tricks, and all other logistical support really helped a lot. All the support we got from the company gave us a massive confidence boost and we are so grateful for this! 


We learned something about ourselves. We actually really liked this and enjoyed it more than we expected. Sharing our passion for research and games in a semi-casual tone and dialogue form felt great, and we tried to radiate this value and make sure that if the listener doesn’t pick up anything from this, they will at least be intrigued. 

It was inspiring to be part of this short journey, and we really hope to see you all again on another Instagram Live in the future. 

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