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Date: February 24, 2020 Tags: Battle, Heroic Magic Duel, nordeus, PvE, PvP SUBSCRIBE
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Major Update for Heroic – Magic Duel

New World, New Modes, New Features… New Game

BELGRADE, Serbia – February 24, 2020 – Today, Nordeus released a major update for Heroic – Magic Duel, giving fans a taste of a brand new universe that creates a fun battle experience for players that brings together strategy, skill, and creativity, in a rich and meaningful way. 

Based on community feedback and data since the global launch of the game in 2019, the new, reimagined vision for the game has been developed over the last three-months to give players a richer experience that delivers a combination of exciting gameplay and rewarding progression, while celebrating skill and strategy. 

So what’s new?

New World

Welcome to Eldonia, a whole new world for Heroes to explore, battle, progress, and have fun with others. This update has been mapped out as the team’s ultimate vision for Heroic, with features and modes that will engage with players. Read more

Heroic World Map

Campaign Mode

Heroic is a PvP battle game at its core, but the introduction of a PvE Campaign Mode will build on that foundation with more variety and depth. Five brand new campaigns with a total of 25 chapters and 250 levels, will take players on a journey into the game’s lore to discover more about their favorite Heroes and Minions. Read more.

Heroic. Journey through campaign mode and discover the lore of Eldonia

Equipment and Artifacts

New collectibles add variety to upgrading Heroes and Minions for more personalization to playstyles, creating depth by adding a stat-changing dimension to the deck-building process across both PvP and PvE battles. Read more.

  • Equipment – PvE Gamechanger. Unlockable in Campaign Mode and PvE events, Equipment earned can be used to progress and dominate in PvE battles through boosts such as Portal Health, Minion Power, Spell Power, and more. 
  • Artifacts – Fortify Your PvP Decks. Also unlocked via Campaign Mode and PvE events, Artifacts are specific boosts to a Minion, Spell or some other stat that can help in adapting your battle strategy. 

Heroic rewards as you collect and upgrade your equipment and artifacts

Seasons and Ascensions

The unveiling of Eldonia sees the introduction of Tower of Ascension. Based on a new seasons mechanic, players will embark on a four week ascension through Tiers every week where everything you do, every battle won, will help you climb through the Tower, bringing sweet rewards along the way. Minions will also be taken to new levels and allow players to showcase their skills. As each Season gives the opportunity for Minion Ascensions, players can ascend and improve their favorite Minions without changing their core function and therefore strategy for the player’s deck. Explore different combinations and strategies to show off your domination in the Arena. Read more.

Tower of Ascension, a new look at seasons in Heroic

Let’s Get Social

Heroic already has a raft of social features that allow players to organize and compete, from challenging friends to PvP battles, to coordinating Boss Raid. This major update expands on that to deliver an even more social game. Read more

  • Easily add friends from social, Guilds, or in-game to be more connected and arrange battles more seamlessly. 
  • Show off Achievements on Player Profile by highlighting key Badges earned through the game. 
  • Post-Match screen will show data and stats from the battle allowing players to see which Minion was most effective, to showing progress towards Badges. 
  • An expansion of chat functionality with the introduction of global, local, and individual chat to the existing Guild Chat.

Heroic new post-match screen and badges

Challenges and Events

Challenges offer a new series of checkpoints to help guide a player’s efforts in dominating the Arena.. From reaching certain Arenas, to taking part in a certain number of PvP battles, to playing Campaign Mode, players will earn rewards and contribute to the progression towards a Legendary Minion. A new Event system ensures that participation in events feeds back into a sustained feeling of progression and achievement in line with the Tower of Ascension seasons, giving players more freedom of choice in the rewards they would like and when they would like them. Read more

Heroic new challenges

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