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Date: November 11, 2011 SUBSCRIBE
press release

We make games

Wondering what the title of this post means? “We make games” is enough said when speaking about Nordeus. This is our mantra, it’s what represents us and all in all it’s our life 🙂 . And yes, it’s what makes Nordeus special and so tempting to work in for absolutely every single person, no exception (don’t forget to check the Jobs page, maybe you might join us)!

Aside from making games (how cool is to have this as a full-time job?), we don’t mind playing them – there’s one reason our environment is called “Work & Play“. All written so far in this post is supposed to be the intro to the first video about our team, where our employees get to say what is for them Nordeus, how does it feel to create games as well as many other fun details about the life in this awesome company (I know this might be biased coming from me, but trust me – that’s exactly how it is!). Without further ado, here is the video (it’s on Serbian with English subtitles):