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Lead Game Designer

We believe great game design is a craft that requires the ability to quickly and visually communicate ideas as sketches and other very quick forms of rough prototypes.

Our designers are required to pitch their ideas almost daily for critique, allowing us to move quickly and thoughtfully, regardless of genre, platform or scale.  While we develop free-to-Play mobile games, we want people who are passionate gamers, constantly playing and learning from games that come from across the spectrum. It is this knowledge that allows you to translate designs into clear and feasible concepts for our world class engineers to implement.   

We seek for an exceptional and well-practiced Lead Game Designer to set the bar even higher and raise the overall design quality of our games. The Lead Game Designer will assist the Studio Design Director by taking the high-level direction and translating it into a clear, consistent and actionable direction for the rest of the team. The role will require a hands-on approach in leading the design of a single game team by driving the product vision, understanding the market/competition and development requirements, and managing a live player base using data/analytics. More importantly, it will require an expertise in state of the art game design, an ability to organize and lead a highly functional design team, and a strong passion for our games.


  • You use strong design processes that include problem definition, usability principles, research, sketching and prototyping of design concepts to explore different approaches before engineering starts.
  • You will take a loosely defined idea and carefully translate it into a full design direction for your team as well as the art, technical, and production teams across the studio.
  • Drive end-to-end vision for a new game or grow an existing game by creating substantial design updates that have a clear, understandable and evolutionary progression.
  • Design compelling and engaging complete game experiences for a diverse set of new and emerging concepts that we explore. Prototype, iterate and eventually ship a successful and cohesive game.
  • You are responsible for all sub-areas of a game. You will supervise and assist in designing any given game elements as needed.
  • Throughout production and live operations, you will work with Game Producers and Product Managers to determine the time and resources required to deliver quality work on time and on budget.
  • Collaborate closely with User Research, Marketing, Data Science and Product to understand and apply best learnings into respective game design.
  • Continually mentor, develop and grow junior staff by helping them translate new concepts into actual game design mechanics and principles.
  • Study and seek to understand different mechanics and concepts, proactively introducing new concepts into design assignments.


  • You are a specialist in the design craft, with strong visualization skills, the ability to produce rapid prototypes and excellent negotiation skills.
  • You have operated at a senior level as a Senior Game Designer or Lead Game Designer across several acclaimed game projects. Ideally you will have both console/PC and mobile achievements.
  • You will have experience across a variety of genres and will know how to encourage excellence in the teams that you lead.  
  • You are able to pitch and visually communicate designs clearly and concisely within the team and throughout the studio.
  • Your verbal communication is outstanding and you’re able to inspire, motivate and drive the design vision across multiple projects. You respond to feedback openly and gracefully, in such a manner that open dialogue is encouraged.
  • You’re able to contribute to any sub-craft of game design as needed and you understand how they collectively work together to deliver a great player and customer experience.
  • Your designer's’ toolbox is a rich collection of different methods and problem solving techniques you deploy with ease starting with pre-production methods and research through production to final tuning.
  • You are a curious problem solver who enjoys working through ambiguity to developing clear interaction and and-to-end engagement models for multiple user segments,  with a view that constraints are opportunities to innovate and surprise.

If you firmly believe that collaboration, iteration, transparency and professionalism are fundamental to great teams, this is an exceptional opportunity for you to join us and drive the design efforts on our existing and new products. Send us your CV and design portfolio. We’re looking forward to meeting you!



PDF. Maximum 10Mb

PDF. Maximum 10Mb

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We focus on purpose, progress, and impact. Our approach is flexible and based on rapid design iterations driven by insights, prototyping, and continuous validation.