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Senior System Designer

As a Senior Systems Designer at Nordeus, you are a leader for the craft of systems design ensuring our games are designed to deliver a unique experience for our first, and every subsequent player.

You truly enjoy collaborating with our designers and mentoring our junior talent.  You bring your broad and diverse experience in game design, along with your own set of design tools and methods and most importantly, you perceive constraints as opportunities to innovate and surprise. You are articulate, able to present complex concepts in a clear and concise manner, as well as self-motivated, well organized and a lifelong learner.  


  • Add value to each game’s design by applying your expertise in systems design. You use your craft and skills to advance the fun, vision and overall design direction of any project to which you are assigned. You remain focused on delivering design solutions that are cohesive, thoughtful and consistent with the creative brief.
  • You lead the design of key subsystems such as currencies, social connectivity, etc. and ensure they work well together and support the creative brief for the game. You explore a wide set of possible solutions for each area, problem, etc., and provide a clear understanding of the various benefits and risks to each solution and any impact on core gameplay.
  • Drive the craft of Systems Design inside Nordeus. While you will likely be assigned to a single team as systems designer, you actively engage with and support other system designers across Nordeus. You are constantly researching and learning new methods/ideas in systems design from the games industry and beyond. You explore ideas for successfully adapting these new and emerging ideas to the needs of your project and share the lessons learned with other designers.
  • Research: You gather background information, user and performance data regarding players, industry trends and competitive products and analyze likely impact on the game.  You find, understand and validate objective data to help you spot opportunities and identify issues before they grow into larger problems.
  • Explore, ideate and iterate appropriately throughout the design process. With your team, you quickly and easily generate a wide range of visual and/or interactive design proposals that fully explore a full range of viable design proposals, without relying on engineering skills or resources.
  • Proactively participate in daily concept pitch and critique sessions by visually communicating design concepts clearly and concisely.  You remain open to and respond gracefully to feedback in such a manner that open dialogue is encouraged;
  • Help grow, mentor and provide career guidance to junior design staff across the organization.


  • Deep and broad expertise of games systems design.   You have expert level understanding of game, information and systems architecture and how various decisions made at the architectural or early design stages will impact a user throughout the end to end user journey for a game, for multiple user segments. You use your tuning skills to strike the right balance between engaging and competitive fun for the full range of likely users, regardless of genre or core mechanic.  You have shipped successful titles as a systems designer in at least 2 different genres.
  • A thoughtful, patient analytic mindset.  You have an excellent understanding of modern analytics tools and techniques; you analyze data to determine underlying causes. You work with inputs from marketing, product management and data science to ensure you have a complete view of game systems and you use your experience to ensure you react appropriately and thoughtfully to new and emerging data.
  • Excellent working knowledge of prototyping tools, scripting languages and game editors/build environments.
  • Collaborative:  You are able to put ego aside and truly enjoy collaborating on design work.  You have strong interpersonal, critique, negotiation, and teamwork skills. You remain open-minded and respond gracefully to feedback in such a manner that open dialogue is encouraged;
  • Communicative:  You possess excellent written, verbal and visual communication skills.  You are comfortable communicating difficult messages, creative concepts, feedback, requirements, etc. in a clear and concise manner.  You can communicate complex visual ideas without the use of a computer.
  • Organized: You multi-task well, remain aware of constraints and stay organized in varying and ambiguous situations.
  • Problem Solver:  You bring a strong ability to take a complex challenge and break it down into the underlying root issue and peripheral issues as well as defining appropriate constraints. You balance long-term implications when resolving immediate challenges.
  • Knowledge of multiple game genres and practices across genres and platforms.  You understand the advantages and drawbacks of various design, retention and conversion mechanics across genres and how different business models have been applied to different designs.

If you’d like to be a part of a tight-knit team that celebrates self-expression and open dialogue, then send us your up-­to-­date CV and design portfolio. We can’t wait to meet you!



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PDF. Maximum 10Mb

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